A Quick Guide to Neighborhood Groups

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We are fortunate to live in an energetic, community-minded area. Consequently, there are a number of organizations in North Central Austin that are concerned with various area issues. Since there’s some overlap of concerns, group names, and membership, it can get a little confusing! Here’s a very quick look at a few of the groups in this area:

Crestview Neighborhood Association – That’s us! The CNA is an inclusive organization concerned with issues directly affecting the neighborhood, like beautification and safety. We are not an HOA. CNA leadership is in frequent communication with the city, including,  our District 7 Council Member Leslie Pool, in order to make sure the concerns of Crestview residents are heard and understood at City Hall. Our umbrella organization is the Austin Neighborhoods Council. Current projects include working with Grover Ave. residents to determine what safety improvements such as sidewalks and/or bike lanes are useful and desirable along that corridor, and the Art at Entrances project. The CNA produces and publishes the Crestview Newsletter. All of the organizations below operate independently of the CNA.

The Crestview Neighborhood Planning Contact Team is the neighborhood’s direct link to the city for zoning issues.

The Brentwood Neighborhood Association is our sister organization just south of Justin Lane. Brentwood NA has separate membership, but naturally deals with some of the same issues as the CNA.

Midtown Neighborhood Association serves residents south of Morrow near Crestview Station. Midtown Residents may also opt to join the CNA.

The nearby Allandale, Wooten, North Shoal Creek and Highland neighborhoods also have NAs.

Crestview Commons is a small group of Crestview neighbors concerned with neighborhood-specific projects such as working with the city add bike lanes to Grover and to remove the “pork chop” traffic mitigating barrier at the Morrow entrance to the neighborhood.

Violet Crown Community Works presents the twice-annual Violet Crown Festival, proceeds of which help support neighborhood projects such as the Wall of Welcome and the recent Minimax Farewell Party.

The Crestview Safety Coalition was formed by a group of residents to protect the Crestview neighborhood from the safety risks of increased traffic.

The Shoal Creek Conservancy collaborates with the City to identify, plan and implement viable solutions to the creek’s flood, water quality, and erosion challenges. The Brentwood/Crestview area is home to Shoal Creek tributaries which contribute to neighborhood flooding risks.

The Crestivew listserv is not an actual organization and not affiliated with the above groups, although many use it as a communication tool. It is hosted by Yahoo and moderated by a neighborhood volunteer.

Crestview Nextdoor is a social media platform for neighborhood communication. Like the listserv, it is not tied to any specific neighborhood group.


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