CNA Bylaws

ARTICLE I. The name of the organization shall be the Crestview Neighborhood Association, a non-profit organization, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

ARTICLE II. The purpose of the Association is to seek to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood by encouraging participation of residents in the achievement of the goals stated in Article III.

ARTICLE III. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Represent and advance the interests of residents in the neighborhood.
  2. Keep all residents informed of issues vital to the neighborhood by appropriate communications and meetings.
  3. Establish standing and ad-hoc committees to investigate and make recommendations to the Association of all matters of neighborhood concern.
  4. Seek the improvements of all dwellings by resident and absentee property owners.
  5. Establish mutual protection and safety.
  6. Improve safety of the streets through better traffic control.
  7. Provide emphasis on inclusion of property owners and of rental property residents and integral members of the community.
  8. Facilitate the education of residents regarding all available options open to them regarding home ownership, maintenance and zoning.


ARTICLE IV. MEMBERSHIP: Any natural person, at least eighteen (18) years of age, (hereinafter referred to as “Members”), who reside(s) in the following boundaries: Both sides of Justin Lane on the South, Anderson Lane on the North, Lamar Boulevard on the East, and Burnet Road on the West, shall qualify for membership in the Association provided annual dues are current and any other criteria for membership, as contained in these bylaws, have been satisfied.



Section 1: Members of the Association present at any meetings shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the membership.

Section 2: A quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of Association business. In no event, however, shall a quorum be constituted with less than twenty of the registered paid-up members.

Section 3: An affirmative vote of more than fifty percent (50%) of the members constituting a quorum shall be binding on the Association.

Section 4: To be eligible to vote for Association officers, a member must have held membership ( registered with the Association with annual dues paid up) in the Association for at least one week (seven calendar days not including the day of the vote) prior to the meeting in which said officers are elected.

Section 5: To be eligible to vote for all other Association business, other than the election of officers, a member must have held membership (registered with the Association with annual dues paid up) in the Association for at least one month (thirty calendar days not to include the day of the vote) prior to the meeting in which said vote is taken.

Section 6: But for the removal of an Association officer for just cause, no vote on any Association matter, including the election of Association officers or other Association business, which matter must be voted upon by the Association members in a general meeting, shall take place unless notice of said matter to be voted upon has been published in the Association newsletter and at least one of the following: The Association website and/or any other reasonable written or printed public means at least one week (seven calendar days not to include the day of the vote), when possible, prior to the meeting in which the vote is taken stating the place, day, and hour of the meeting.




Section 1: The officers of the Association shall be elected from the active membership and shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and four additional Executive Council members. To be eligible for election to the President’s position, one must have previously served one year on the Executive Council unless no such candidate is available in which case such requirement may be waived. In addition to the elected officers, the immediate past president shall serve as the Advisory Chairman to the Executive Council for a period of one year to facilitate the transition.

Section 2: Titled officers shall be nominated for a two-year term and place-holding officers shall be nominated for a one-year term at the regular May meeting of the Association. In even years, the Vice President, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor shall be nominated, and in odd years the President and the Treasurer shall be nominated. Nomination shall be made from the floor by any member of the Association. Election from the nominated candidates shall be made by a show of hands of active members at the regular May meeting of the Association. Officers shall serve their terms with no limitation on future terms.


Section 3: Duties of Officers

The President:

Shall set the agenda for the general meeting, be the principal executive officer of the Association, shall preside over all meetings, including meetings of the Executive Council, shall represent the Association on public occasions, shall be the official Association representative to the Austin Neighborhood Council, shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, and shall make such committee appointments from membership as deemed advisable for the effective conduct of the work of the Association. The President, when the Treasurer is unavailable or otherwise unable to do so, may sign checks drawn on the account of the Association.


The Vice President:

Shall fulfill the duties of the President in the President’s absence, shall assist the President in his duties, and shall serve as parliamentarian of the Association.


The Secretary:

Shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all business of the Association including, but not limited to, attendance records when necessary, the proceedings of all meetings, and for all official correspondence of the Association


The Treasurer:

Shall collect, safeguard, disburse, and make written periodic (at least once per four months to the Association general membership and at least monthly to the Executive Council) reports of all funds collected in the name of the Association. The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and Association expenditures. The treasurer shall sign checks drawn on the Association account.


The Newsletter Editor:

Shall be responsible for communication within the Association and shall give notice of all regular meetings to the area residents. This notice shall be consistent with the purposes of the Association as set out in Articles II and III and shall be subject to approval of the Executive Council.


Places 1-4 /Executive Council:

Shall serve on committees as appointed by the President, shall assist in carrying out Association business, shall vote on matters before the Executive Council.

All officers are expected to attend a minimum of six Association general meetings per dues year ( that twelve calendar month period beginning on June 1 of each year ) and at least nine executive council meetings per year absent a showing of good cause for such absence(s).


Section 4: Removal from Office

Any officer may be removed from office for a just cause which shall include, but not be limited to, any material, consistent failure to fulfill the duties of office, or any other act or omission which reasonable minds would agree makes the officer unfit for his or her office. Such removal shall take place at a general meeting of the Association by at least two thirds (2/3) of the membership quorum in attendance at that meeting ( not to include the vote of the officer whose removal is sought) provided timely notice of such matter and meeting has been furnished to members at least two weeks (fourteen calendar days not to include the day of the meeting in which said vote is to be taken) prior to said meeting.


Section 5: Replacement of Officers

When necessary, and at any time during the dues year, vacant offices may be refilled at any meeting of the Executive Council for the unexpired portion of the vacant office provided at least five members of the Executive Council are in attendance and vote in said meeting for said vacancy.


Section 6: Resignations

Elected officers must give two weeks written notice before a resignation can become effective.


Section 7: Authority to Bind Association

Unless so authorized, no officer shall have any power or authority to bind the Association by contract or engagement, to pledge its credit, or render it liable, pecuniary or otherwise, for any purpose, or in any amount.



Section 1: Meetings of the general membership of the Association shall be held once each month on the second Monday of the month or such other day as a majority of the membership may agree to. Said meetings may be suspended as deemed necessary by the Executive Council.

Section 2: Special meetings may be called by the Executive Council. Special meetings may also be called by Association general membership provided that any and all rules as stated herein for Association general meetings be followed in calling and conducting such special meeting including, but not limited to, a quorum, proper notice etc. Election and removal of Association officers is limited to that meeting/procedure detailed in Article VI of these bylaws.

Section 3: The privilege of holding office, introducing motions, floor debate, and voting shall be limited to the registered, paid up members of the Association.

Section 4: The fiscal year of the Association shall be the calendar year.




Section 1: The Executive Council :

Shall transact necessary business in the intervals between regular meetings and such other business as may be referred to it by the Association and shall appoint all committees and approve the work of the committees. The agenda for each Executive Council meeting shall be set by the President. Agenda items, raised by or through members, may be added to said Executive Council agenda at the reasonable discretion of the President unless so raised by the Executive Council in any earlier Executive Council meeting. Executive Council meetings, unless limited by public or private space, must be open to Association members.



When not inconsistent with these bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure.



The identity of Association members shall be kept confidential and may not be released without consent of the member(s) concerned.



Dues shall be paid annually (“Dues Year”) in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) per household ( limited to four persons, identified at time of membership registration, per household) and ten dollars ($10.00) per capita for any persons in excess of four persons per household. In the case of hardship (to be determined in the sole discretion of the Executive Council) all or part of the annual dues for any year(s) may be waived. The amount of annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee as approved by the membership.  Dues shall be considered current for one year past the date that they were last paid.



Section 1: Amendments:

These bylaws may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership quorum in attendance at any general Association meeting provided timely notice of said meeting, per the notice provisions stated in these by laws, has been provided to said membership along with written and/or published copies of the current and amended bylaws. Material non compliance with these bylaws may result in termination of membership of the offender upon a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership quorum in attendance at any general Association meeting with proper notice as stated herein. Under no circumstance will non compliance with any section of these bylaws constitute the forfeiture of the rights of the Association to exist or the rights of the Association to enforce these bylaws.